The 'Couv'

The 'Couv'

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

The Big Washington Choice!

In my everyday dealings with clients I often come across a wise person looking to retire to our magnificent state. In fact I have such a person right now. The state of Washington is pretty big and we have an enormous diversity of climate, terrain, and landscape. The biggest issue can sometimes be, 'where in Washington shall I move'?

I have a coastal blog where I write about our wonderful beach towns and the immense value they bring to retirees. I will be showing homes on the Long Beach Peninsula tomorrow. Today however I travel to Goldendale to view some awesome big acreage properties. A couple with 20 acres in fact. Goldendale is quite a bit more dry than the locales on the west side of the Cascades. It makes for more sunshine but colder winter temps as well. Furthering the dilemma, Washington offers both east and west cascades mountain locations with rich forests and spectacular mountains.

This amazing diversity makes Washington State hard to beat for a very wide variety of retirees and climate and topographical desires. No my friends this isn't the southern sun belt so it will get chilly in the winter no matter what part of the Evergreen State you choose to reside.

Today I show this cool log cabin style home on 20 acres in Goldendale. It's small but hey 20 acres and $165k heck yeah!

Tomorrow I'll be out at the beach showing this $160k delight just minutes to the crashing Pacific.

From Vancouver each of these is in near opposite directions and both about 120 miles away. The beach will have moderate temps year round with little snow but tons of rain and clouds, while the Goldendale property will see loads of sunshine, hardly any rain, but some very cold winter temps and a fair bit of snowfall.

Pick your poison my friends because Washington has something for everyone and the lack of an income tax lets you keep MORE or your retirement cash!

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