The 'Couv'

The 'Couv'

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Year End Tax Evaluation Time

I do hope you all had a fantastic Thanksgiving. December is upon us and the last chance to make adjustments for the tax year is now. The twelfth month is one that tend to fly by by at light speed. Unless of course your under the age of twelve in which case December is the LONGEST month of the year ;)

Yes even when one makes it to the golden days of retirement... does that exist anymore? Well anyhow, taxes are still important and one should meet with their trusted tax professional at the end of each year to take a peek at their situation. There are many things one can do in December to help strengthen the tax position. Most things however cannot be done after the New year. So take the time to chat with your accountant and make sure you are not giving the flag waving uncle more than your fair share.

For the retired it is often the case that tax deductions are few and far between. The nest is probably empty, the huge pretax deductions are not there, and the legit business expenses are all but vanquished. To make matters worse, the tax laws are tweaked every year, so a meeting with a professional can help you save money. Every dollar you keep is a dollar the feds can't make poor decisions with.

1040 long baby, that's the ticket to savings, but without a little help form the CPA mind vault, you could be spinning your proverbial wheels. Although a good burnout is fun, it is a bit wasteful. Waste the rubber don't waste your retirement funds on the behemoth we call the Federal Government.

That's all I got this time round, Retire to Washington State and enjoy the Holidays.