The 'Couv'

The 'Couv'

Tuesday, May 26, 2020

COVID-19 Slowing Down but not Halting Construction

Several fantastic senior living projects are in a variety of phases right now in Vancouver. The progress on some of the projects actively under construction was slowed significantly for a couple of months when the Corona Virus pandemic first hit. Now crews are back on the job and most are running at at least 60% capacity.

A few projects that are still in the planning phases may also be a bit delayed but that process is going to start picking up as well. Any people that are further along the road of retirement and may be looking for living arrangements that allow you to age in place, may need to sit tight an extra couple of months should a newer facility be to your liking.

There is a great deal of construction and planning in the senior living space her in Clark County, Washington. Washington remains a great place to retire and may be the best four-season retirement state in the USA.

I mentioned in a prior post that The Springs Living is planning on building their first high-rise property on Vancouver's Waterfront. The Block 18 proposal is working its way through the planning phases. So long as the Springs has their funding in place that project should be shovel ready in less than six months. The City of Vancouver has master-planned that entire 21 block waterfront as an urban community. The Springs proposal at 12 stories meets the minimum density requirement and should have no issue with FAA height regulations for the nearby PDX and Pearson airports. I am actually very excited about the Springs project it looks fantastic and will give local retirees a modern urban living experience on the majestic Columbia River.

Affinity at Vancouver is wrapping up their large 170 unit project in Orchards near the SR-500 & I-205 interchange. This more suburban project is close to shopping and services as well as major highways.

Overall things are looking up for retirees in Southwest Washington state even as the COVID-19 restrictions continue, projects continue to progress as well.