The 'Couv'

The 'Couv'

Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Healthcare in the spotlight, with COVID-19 about

Retirees considering a move to the Evergreen State can rest assured that the health care system is in great shape. US News and World Report ranked all fifty US states for overall healthcare and Washington State was #4 and is the only no-income tax state in the top 10 and the best overall tax state among the leaders in healthcare.

Retirees tend to have concerns on healthcare and Washington State remains the best northern state int he nation for retirees and one of the best overall edging out many sun-belt locales for overall retirement living.

Washington has been hit hard by the Corona Virus but our system is handling the case load, and working through this trying time as well as can be expected for such a significant health event.

Since this site is focused on retirees, it should be noted that retirees are much more at risk to have a serious health issue from COVID 19 than younger people. Follow the direction of your local health officials and be mindful that this disease can and will kill older people and people with underlying health issues.

Be healthy, be strong, and retire to Washington State.