The 'Couv'

The 'Couv'

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

New Tax Laws, Could Make the Evergreen State even Better

The new Federal Tax Laws offers a much larger standard deduction for all citizens. This is highly beneficial for retirees and empty-nesters that often have too few deductions to take advantage of itemizing. Now with the standard deduction nearly doubled retirees will keep more of their money and Washington's no income tax policy is that much better as the Feds eliminated a large portion of the state tax exemption. 

Washington again looks good against many of its Western State rivals. Our moderate climate on the Pacific side of the Cascades is a plus as well. Washington State also has a booming economy and that means local governments are flush with cash to keep roads, parks and other local services well funded.

Locally here in Clark County, Washington much is happening including the amazing Vancouver Waterfront project with the first five buildings rising up along the Columbia River. Thousands of housing units are coming online including senior housing both downtown and all over the area.

Vancouver and Southwest Washington are enjoying the fruits of the state and regional economic boom and a strong positive migration. This all points to good reasons to consider the area for retirement.

The local area has excellent health care facilities and a great deal of both indoor and outdoor activities to lead a healthy and active lifestyle well into the retirement years. Washington State is back as a top choice for retirees.

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