The 'Couv'

The 'Couv'

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Retire to Kalama?

Kalama Wikipedia Page
Kalama, Washington could be an ideal spot for retirees looking to get away from the city yet remain close enough to tap the urban resources including healthcare services. Kalama is located about 30 miles north of Vancouver, WA and is a rather charming town. The downtown area is located on the eastern frontage of I5 and the town is built up on the hillside. It features a mix of modest to very nice homes many with picturesque views of the Columbia River and the coastal mountains. The town proper has a population of roughly 2400 people and like many smaller cities it has as many or more people living in the rural outskirts as in town.

There are a great many properties located along the Kalama River with excellent fishing and nice views. The town has a mix of older and modern homes that are built on the hillside. Kalama for now, is an excellent value as modest 3 bedroom homes can still be found at or around $200,000. I recently wrote an article on my Real Estate Blog about the new La Center casino and the effect it may have on real estate in both Woodland and Kalama. Kalama is a value for now, but that may change soon.
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Kalama is close to services from both the Longview-Kelso area and the larger Greater Vancouver and of course Metro Portland-Vancouver. One downside is that there is not much in the way of medical services and mainstream shopping right in town. A short drive would be needed. Upside is that the downtown area of Kalama is charming and has some great antique shops and dining opportunities.

This great little town is worth a look and should make the short list for retirees looking for the Western Washington wet and mild side of the state.

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