The 'Couv'

The 'Couv'

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Southwest Washington's Coast can be a Value for Retirees!

I posted this on my Coastal Living blog a few days ago, check it out! All the advantages of Washington State and the proximity to Oregon, but at the seashore!

Ocean Front under 200k? Believe it!

I was wandering about on the multiple listing service and stumbled upon this interesting and fantastic property. It is a lovely 1930s cottage with a two bedrooms and a bath. The living area totals 728 square feet. It is an absolutely charming little house that appears to have been very well kept.

The strange thing about this house however is the property on which it sits. The home sits on a 1.5 acre lot that is only 40 feet wide. Barely wide enough for the house. The lot extends more than 1600 feet to the beach. This is true beach front property.

The pink colored lot is the lot and house for sale, from Pacific, County Mapsifter

Like the headline says, this home is under $200k; in fact it is listed for just $189,900. Sure it is just a cottage but it is a tidy little house and it has beach front access! Sure it's only 40 feet of beach front but it's still beachfront! This house is in the city of Long Beach, Washington. It is very close to the Columbia River, Ilwaco, WA Astoria, OR. This is not way up on the peninsula. Long Beach hosts a variety of events every year and has a charming, classic American beach town setting.

I never cease to be amazed at the beach-side opportunities here in the Evergreen State. This property offers up retirees or families seeking a vacation home something they can afford from the middle class rather than the wealthy class. We have some of the best coastal living in America, and sometimes it's even a bargain!

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